1x15 La leyenda del mar azul
Shokugeki no Soma 11
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Emma makes a desperate attempt to help young sibling runaways Nicholas and Ava Zimmer find their birth father before they're separated and sent into foster care while Hansel and Gretel's backstory is revealed along with a secret mission authorized by the Evil Queen to steal a prized artifact from the cannibalistic Blind Witch. At the conclusion of the episode, Emma manages to locate Ava and Nicholas' father Michael Tillman, who is not eager to take them in. But he changes his mind and takes the two before they can leave Storybrooke. Emma later meets with Henry outside the Clock Tower and sees a mysterious figure in black ride into Storybrooke on a motorcycle – which leaves Emma and Henry to wonder who 'The Stranger' is and why he is in Storybrooke.


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