Minecraft: Story Mode Season 2 A Telltale Games Series MAC 2017 GAME
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Sheriff Graham begins to remember his past life in the Enchanted Forest and Emma begins to consider if she's falling for him. while the backstory of the Evil Queen's faithful Huntsman is revealed. Graham ends his relationship with Regina and Emma gets into a scuffle with the Mayor. The Huntsman is sent by the Evil Queen to kill Snow White. As Graham later tends to Emma, Regina secretly returns to Storybrooke Cemetery and heads down a secret passage taking her underneath the Mills mausoleum, which bears a symbol on its exterior - the same symbol Graham saw in the book of fairytales when he went to see Henry. Regina enters the Queen's hidden vault and opens a cabinet containing the Huntsman's heart, which the Queen ripped out after learning that he failed to kill Snow White. Graham remembers his past...


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