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Warcraft Lore Facts - The Dreadlords

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The night beckons!
In celebration of episode #13, since that's an unlucky number, here's a demonic race. Huzzah!
Blame Howitzer for mispronouncing Nathrezim.

The Dreadlords are the first known to experiment with necromancy in Warcraft lore. During the War of the Ancients, a handful of Dreadlords were seen reanimating corpses in the ruins of Suramar. This shocked and disgusted the observing night elves, with the exception of Illidan Stormrage.

After leaving the Pantheon, Sargeras's first step was to recruit the Eredar and two of their leaders, Kil'jaeden and Archimonde. Kil'jaeden's first step after joining Sargeras was to enslave the Nathrezim, who have then served as the Legion's spies, tacticians and emissaries.

When they die on a planet, Dreadlords usually reappear in the Twisting Nether soon afterwards. This has caused some controversy, since the leader of the Dreadlords, Tichondrius, died permanently after fighting Illidan. Anetheron, his second-in-command, is also said to be permanently dead after the battle of Mount Hyjal.

In the RPG books, the Nathrezim have distant cousins named the Tothrezim. They supposedly serve the Legion as laborers, researchers and debt collectors. It is still unknown what the Burning Legion would want with gold or jewelry.

The three Dreadlords left in Lordaeron during the Third War were actually led by Detheroc instead of Balnazzar, like what most people think. However, Balnazzar was still the most powerful of the trio.

Dreadlords are not fanatically loyal to the Legion like most demons. Instead, they always compete with each other and work towards gaining more magical power for themselves. A Dreadlord named Culuthas stole an ata'mal crystal in the Netherstorm and went rogue, despite the warnings of his Eredar overlord.

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