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Warcraft Lore Facts - The People of Outland

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Second episode of season 2, or episode #11 per total. (this video is very old)
The secret clue was the background music :P

Anyway, after that mediocre reveal on BWTL (blame Pride and Jan; and Riorus, even though he wasn't there), here it is, in its full glory!

The Arakkoa, aka the bird people, have existed for a lot longer than the other species of Draenor. They had an ancient civilization in Blade's Edge named Apexis, which the Ogri'la ogres have taken an interest in. Brann Bronzebeard connects their origins to Anzu, the "Raven god", who also happens to be a pretty cool mount.

The Arakkoa are divided in 3. The majority worship the legendary hero Terokk and the traditional god Rukhmar. One faction, the Sethekk, follows the insane Talon King Ikiss, who claims to be Terokk reborn, and another, mysterious master. The third faction lives in Shattrath City and worships the Light.

A sub-section of the Sethekk, the Dark Conclave, attempted to fight Gul'dan and the Horde, but were defeated when Gul'dan summoned a volcano in their midst. As an act of revenge, their spirits tried to summon an Old God on Draenor. What is interesting to note is that the Arakkoa named Grizzik, who helped the Alliance during their invasion of Draenor, describes the conflict in detail, possibly making him a member of this Dark Conclave.

Arakkoa can communicate with almost every type of bird and are able to feel their emotions. They also enslaved a type of bird known as the Kaliri, which they use as guardians.

The Nether Rays of Terokkar Forest usually spawn during the rainy season. Oddly enough, they are peaceful and docile as adults, and short-tempered and energetic as children.

Outland is also home to a population of Sand Gnomes, who live in Terokkar's Bone Wastes. Very little is known about them, but they may just be a giant reference to the Fremen from the Dune universe.

The carnivorous and primitive Rock Flayers, despite seeming to be mammals, actually hatch from eggs. They also make an appearance in Deepholm, along with a few other Outland creatures.

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