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Warcraft Lore Facts - The Forsaken

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They will slaughter anyone who stands in their way.

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After conquering Undercity, Sylvanas tried making alliances with the other factions in order to secure her position in Lordaeron. Archdruid Hamuul Runetotem of the tauren took pity on the Forsaken and plead with Warchief Thrall that they be allowed into the Horde, hoping that he could find a cure for the undeath.

While the Forsaken posess a fairly sizeable navy which participated in the war against the Lich King, the Alliance and Garrosh, they do not have any harbors in the Eastern Kingdoms; their fleet is composed of former Lordaeron ships which were dredged up from the bottom of the ocean. The lack of harbors also presents difficulties in repairing or resupplying said ships, and this provides part of the reason for the Forsaken invasion of Gilneas.

During the First War, the Orcish Horde used their own variation of necromancers, the necrolytes. Bishop Natalie Seline of Lordaeron began delving into the workings of their magic in order to provide the kingdom of Azeroth with assistance. However, over time, she became increasingly obsessed with finding out why such dark energies existed at all. Eventually, she began preaching about the necessity of a balance between the Light and the Shadow, but, after her death, her books were locked away by the Kirin Tor. Some Forsaken priests eventually rediscovered her teachings, thus explaining why undead can become priests, and the existence of Shadow priests.

According to a few quests in vanilla, Magatha Grimtotem conspired with the Forsaken, though it is unknown to what end. She strongly advocated for their acceptance within the Horde, and the Grimtotem tauren regularly coresponded with the undead. In Thousand Needles, a few secret notes were discovered, but it is unknown if the Grimtotem were communicating with the Forsaken or the Scourge.

Despite having been freed from the Lich King, some Forsaken can still feel some of his influence. Eventually they may succumb and enter a mindless state, basically turning them into Zombies under control of the Scourge.

Yes, I know I've talked about this before, but it's relevant. A handful of Leper Gnomes have joined the Forsaken in Lordaeron. They usually work for the Royal Apothecary Society as assistants and apprentices.

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