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Warcraft Lore Facts - The Twilight's Hammer

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Evil cultists seeking to bring about the end of the world! Typical.

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The history of the Twilight's Hammer begins with the Ogre-Mage Cho'gall, who was made leader of an orc clan after its previous chieftain was executed for disobeying the Shadow Council. Since then, the primary purpose of the clan has been bringing about Armageddon to the worlds it inhabits, and the eventual destruction of all creation. This was true of them even before the orcs joined the pact with Mannoroth.

While they were originally part of the Old Horde, the Twilight's Hammer joined the Bleeding Hollow clan in the first attack on Stormwind Keep. The battle went horribly, and both Cho'gall and Kilrogg Deadeye ended up blaming each other. While not confirmed, there is speculation that the attack was merely a ploy by Kilrogg to eliminate a rival clan.

When the Twilight's Hammer joined Gul'dan's Stormreavers in betraying the Horde, they ended up being annihilated by the orcish Black Tooth Grin clan, with Cho'gall himself presumed dead. In reality, the Ogre-Mage and a few others managed to survive and took refuge deep inside the temple of Ahn'Qiraj. Following the Old God C'thun's death, the group made various efforts to revive it, and were eventually stopped by the new Council of Tirisfal, with Cho'gall presumed dead once again. Which would once again be proven wrong in Cataclysm.

Similar to the Cult of the Damned's obsession with undeath, Twilight's Hammer members hope to "ascend" and become elementals. Through a dark ritual in which they are infused with elemental powers, some members succeed in becoming Ascendants, and represent the highest echelons of the cult. The selection process is overseen by an Ascendant Council.

While everybody knows about Cho'gall and about Archbishop Benedictus, the leadership of the Twilight's Hammer is something of a mystery. Somewhere in the hierarchy lies the Twilight Council, a group whose membership is almost completely unknown. While its exact role is unknown, several cultists speak with fear of the council, and they are also the only ones allowed to commune with higher ranking elemental lords.

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