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Warcraft Lore Facts - The Pit Lords

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Their blood is evil. EVIL.

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Shortly after the Eredar became part of the Burning Legion, Kil'jaeden was tasked with finding and recruiting the darkest races of the universe for the demonic army. As such, one of the first species that he found was the Pit Lords, ruled by Mannoroth the Destructor. Later on, when Archimonde was placed in charge of them, he also recognized Mannoroth's value and made him his second-in-command.

Following the destruction of Draenor, a brutal pit lord named Magtheridon found his way to the shattered world and quickly rallied the surviving orcs under his rule, transforming them into fel orcs. While there was some confusion in Warcraft 3 The Frozen Throne, the pit lord made the Black Temple his primary stronghold, and brought massive legions of demons through Ner'zhul's dimensional gates. He was eventually overthrown by Illidan, who imprisoned him in Hellfire Citadel. His blood was then used by the Fel Horde to corrupt more orcs for their ranks.

Pit Lords are members of the Annihilan species. The term "pit lord" may be a class or rank within their race, similar to the Wrathguards within the Eredar species, or it might be the Common name for the species, similar to the Nathrezim being known as Dreadlords.

Pit lords have a pair of vestigial wings on their backs, which are occasionally used for defense. With a few exceptions in the non-canon RPG books, they are too heavy to fly, even if they would be assisted by Eredar magic. In addition, Pit lords in Warcraft 3 had beards, which is inconsistent with their cinematic and World of Warcraft appearances.

Mannoroth's second-in-command was the Pit Lord Azgalor, who succeeded the Destructor following his death. He participated and died at the Battle of Mount Hyjal, though there are a few differences as to the circumstances of his demise. The Caverns of Time instance has him as one of the bosses, with players killing him. On the other hand, the World of Warcraft Comic has the Pit Lord fight the druid Broll Bearmantle, destroy the Idol of Remulos, a unique druidic artifact, and in the process kill Broll's daughter, only to die when Malfurion sacrificed the World Tree. Finally, the non-canon RPG books state that the pit lord escaped the battle and was plotting revenge in the Twisting Nether.