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Warcraft Lore Facts - The Worgen

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The big bad British wolf-men. "What's your story?".

Voiced by Howitzer!

The origins of the worgen were unknown at first. At first, they were presumed to be aliens who were accidentally summoned by Archmage Arugal, who was following the research of another mage, Ur. It was later discovered that the worgen were, at first, exiled night elf druids and their bite would turn humans into worgen. Archmage Arugal intentionally summoned them under Genn Greymane's orders in order to fight the Scourge. However, the druids eventually turned against their Gilnean allies. Arugal himself was actually a subordinate of the worgen leader, Alpha Prime.

The worgen are in a constant internal struggle between their original human or night elf mind and the feral mind of a worgen. If left untreated, a worgen will eventually succumb to what is known as the "Mindless state", esentially turning them into rabid animals. Besides the well-known cures of Krennan Aranas and night elf rituals, it is possible that Archmage Arugal also had a cure for the condition, as none of the worgen under his command exhibited signs of being in the Mindless state.

Some of the worgen who served Arugal managed to escape the crazed mage. Several of those were captured by the Scourge and turned into death knights. These worgen are cured of the mindless state thanks to the indomitable will of the Lich King which floods their minds.

In ancient times, before the rise of organized religion such as the Holy Light, many tribes of humans had primitive belief systems that incorporated simple nature magic. Due to its relative isolation, Gilneas has retained a degree of this ancient culture, and the practicants of this magic became known as the Harvest Witches. Their magic bears a great resemblance to the abilities of the druids, and the worgen curse only amplifies these abilities.

The worgen curse also makes raising them into undeath far more difficult than it is for normal humans. The curse has roots in both the Emerald Dream and the holy power of Elune. In addition, the worgen cured of their mindless state due to night elf rituals have a further resistance to the corruption of undeath.

According to Denmother Ulrica, with the Gilnean worgen joining the Alliance, it appears that even the feral worgen of Kalimdor have joined the fold. These worgen would be the original night elf Druids of the Pack, who caused the worgen to come into existence to begin with.

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