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Warcraft Lore Facts - The Infernals

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Infernals are mindless giants crafted by the Mo'arg and the Gan'arg which serve the Burning Legion. As they are artifical constructs, they are not truly demons, and are more akin to golems animated by demonic fire. As a result, defeated infernals can be reanimated by using fel fire.

Infernals are often found at the first stages of a Burning Legion invasion, often appearing in the form of a comet crashing into enemy forces. Though they have a limited lifespan, they are some of the Legion's deadliest frontline troops, and have been known to destroy entire cities before their energies dissipate. They are often stored in an inactive state by their creators before they are launched, but they can also be stored in comet form.

Infernals are extremely unintelligent, and can barely take orders from their demon commanders; though a simple "kill" will usually do the trick. They are able to understand the demonic language, but are mute except for the occasional grunt or roar.

Most dreadlords possess the ability to summon infernals, often in their comet forms. While most are capable only of one at a time, some of the more powerful dreadlords have the ability to summon multiple ones. Tichondrious, the leader of the Nathrezim, could summon four, and Anetheron and Balnazzar could summon two at once. On the other hand, other demons, such as Mannoroth and Archimonde, have been known to summon massive amounts of infernals and other demons at the same time.

A construct employed by the Legion which is similar to infernals is the Abyssals. While seemingly very much alike, Abyssals are made from rougher, more jagged materials, and burn with different colored flames as well.

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