gWarcraft Lore Facts - The Doomguards -

Warcraft Lore Facts - The Doomguards

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Doomguards were originally the hounds of the Titans, and were used to police the use of arcane magic. Specifically, they were attuned to seek out and punish sacrificial magic, also known as fel magic, before they were, as the doomguards themselves say, "freed" by Sargeras.

Doomguards were Archimonde's personal escorts and bodyguards, and were said to be loyal to him more so than the Legion. Since the demon lord's death at the end of the Third War, they continued to serve the Legion, albeit without a specific master. The doomguards first appeared on Azeroth during the War of the Ancients, where they were used to keep the other demons in line and to provide support for the Legion from the air.

According to the Warcraft 3 manual, doomguards are nearly immune to magic. This claim, however, is contested in the War of the Ancients trilogy, as several doomguards are killed by magic-wielding characters. Although, this immunity does make sense in the context of their original purpose as magic protectors.

Following the Third War, the remaining Burning Legion forces on Azeroth fell under the command of Lord Kazzak, a doomlord who subsequently retreated to the Blasted Lands. Five years later, an unknown relic of great power surfaced, allowing the doomlord to reopen the Dark Portal. He subsequently travelled to Outland and left his most powerful lieutenant, Highlord Kruul, in command on Azeroth. Highlord Kruul was also supposedly tasked with retrieving the shards of the Glaive of the Aspects, an unknown demonic artifact supposedly forged during the War of the Ancients, although this storyline has not been expanded upon (yet).

The orc warlocks of Warcraft 1 had the ability to summon daemons, very powerful minions of the underworld who revel in wreaking havoc. While the original, very Christian mythology of Warcraft 1 and 2 was retconned, the term "Dae'mon" was kept, meaning "twisted soul" and "demon" in orcish. Additionally, the chess encounter in Karazhan illustrates those daemons as being summoned doomguards.

Doomguards are members of the ered'ruin species, though, despite the name, it is unclear if they are related to the eredar. One variation of the species are the terrorguards, which are otherwise similar to doomguards except for the presence of another head on their torso. The scholars of Dalaran are still unsure which head of the terrorguard is the "real" one. The doomguards and the terrorguards, nonetheless, are close in rank and in role within the Legion, and are considered to be four ranks below the Dreadlords.

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