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Warcraft Lore Facts - The Satyrs

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Demon goat people.
Also, former night elves.

This will probably be the last episode of this year; a shorter one, to let everyone know that I'm still alive and this is still going. Apologies for not having one more often, but I blame circumstances beyond my control (coughPridecough). You should too.

Lore Facts will (hopefully) be back next year in full force! Yeah!

Like most other demons of the Burning Legion, the satyrs have no sense of honor. During battle, they will do whatever it takes to destroy their opponents, preferably causing a good deal of pain, both physical and psychological, at the same time.

During Warcraft 3: the Frozen Throne, Illidan, as an agent of the Legion, was assisted by several satyrs. They continued to serve him in Outland even after his defection from the Legion, and could usually be found among the other demons under Illidan's command.

Despite the fact that no female satyrs can be found pretty much anywhere, a few scattered reports mention their existence.

Some time after the War of the Ancients, the satyrs, along with what few demons remained on Azeroth, attacked the night elves in a conflict which became known as the War of the Satyr. The war destroyed any semblance of central leadership for the satyrs, forcing them to live in small sects to this day.

A small group of satyrs, known as the Unbound, live in Crystalsong Forest. Like most of the other creatures of the forest, they suffered a peculiar mutation which turned them into "crystal satyrs". It is unknown what caused the mutation, but the satyrs there don't really seem to mind and keep doing what demons do best: corrupting the treants and ancients of Crystalsong.

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